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New 3D printing products for professionals from MakerBot

By - - Price update: 17 April 2024 -

MakerBot, a worldwide leader in the 3D graphic industry, announced today new 3D printing solutions to perfectly match the needs of professionals and education. With its new solutions, MakerBot wants to offer engineers and designers faster and more effective methods to realize their ideas. For education, focus is put on providing better opportunities to integrate 3D printing into the classroom in order to teach creativity and problem solving. The new MakerBot Print and Mobile applications have been designed to allow professionals to easily integrate the MakerBot into their workflow and to help teachers introduce 3D printing to their students.

The new MakerBot Replicator and Replicator Mini+ have been completely redesigned and retested to provide better performance, speed, ease-of-use and reliability as well as the possibility to print larger volumes. With the new MakerBot Slate Gray Tough PLA filament Bundle, engineers can, in a more sustainable way, create strong high impact resistant prototypes and fixtures. The products help streamline the print production processes, save time and make the production of higher quality prints possible.

For education MakerBot launches Thingiverse Education with which 3D printing can be explored in the classroom.

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