Star Wars 3D designs; an ultimate treasure trove for 3D Printers

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As of today the film "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" can be seen in cinemas. This spin-off of the Star Wars series tells the story before Part 4 ('A New Hope') of how the blueprint of the Death Star, the planet killer that the empire wants to use to defeat the rebels, gets into the hands of the rebels. Roque One is the first of a series of side-stories that takes place in the rich history of the immensely popular and still expanding Star Wars series.

And also in the 3D printing world Star Wars has not gone unnoticed. Because what is more suitable for printing as plastic gadgets than spaceships, Stormtrooper helmets and light sabers?

Death Star
A good example for the coming together of Star Wars and 3D printing can be found currently in Spain, where in the Puerta de Alcalá Square in Madrid a two meter Death Star is being printed by the 3D printer manufacturer ErectorBot. Here the largest 3D printer in the world, according to the manufacturers, is being utilized with the dimensions of 2.4 x 2.1 x 2.1 meters! After two weeks of printing, the 100 kilogram model is expected to be ready by next Sunday, the 18th of December.

But it can also be a bit less gigantic and a little closer to home; online, a large collection of printable Star Wars objects can be found.

Of course many Star Wars gadgets are for sale in the store ready-to-use, but isn't it much more fun to make them yourself? A simple search produces a wealth of examples that can be downloaded and printed immediately. For example, the website offers, according to them, the ultimate collection of Star Wars 3D printer models and files. Among others, you will find various Star Wars Fighter and Shuttle models, a number of characters such as Darth Vader, Yoda Bust and of course the Storm Troopers as well as many Star Wars weapons and accessories. All include a link to where you can directly download the 3D files.

But there is still so much more. What do you for example think of the Top 10 Best Star Wars 3D designs list which was compiled by the creators of the website Pinshape? Also all come with a link to the required files. Or checkout the 18 Galactic 3D Printed Star Wars Props on with among others a Death Star bird house, a Storm Trooper salt and pepper shaker set, an R2D2 eggcup and light saber earrings! And also the Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker has a page full of Star Wars inspirations!

By now it has probably become clear: Those who want to enjoy the world of Star Wars with a 3D printer don't need to look very long.

Happy printing and May the Force be with you!

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