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Review MakerBot Replicator+ & Mini+; good and fast, but high price

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The new Replicator+ and Replicator Mini+ of MakerBot are already in the sixth generation of 3D printers of the company and during their design, efforts have been focussed on improving reliability and print speed. But also increasing application possibilities and improving ease of use were important issues.

The MakerBot Replicator+ prints up to 30% faster and features a 25% larger build volume compared to its predecessor. The Mini+ is 10% faster than the previous Mini and the maximum build volume has increased by 28%. For the MakerBot Replicator Mini+ also large improvements in the area of noise production have been made: this 3D printer is 58% more silent than the previous version! And this is of course especially good news if you want to use the device at the workplace or for example in a class room.

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Quotes from other experts:

Review MakerBot Replicator+
The successful 3D printing of my little scary reaper only made me want to try printing some more, but it also proved something I've long suspected, a good, reliable 3D printer is going to cost you. This is an expensive hobby, but could be cost-effective for educators and small businesses. Plus, you can split print jobs into multiple printers, all through a single mobile app installation.
Score: 8.0
PC Magazine:
Review MakerBot Replicator+
The MakerBot Replicator+ is a very worthy successor to the Replicator Desktop, with improved speed, a larger build area, quieter operation, and a powerful software solution that lets you manage projects as well as individual files. The Replicator+ supports MakerBot's new Tough PLA filament, which is both strong and flexible. It inherits the Replicator's Editors' Choice as a high-end general-purpose 3D printer.
Score: 8.0
Review MakerBot Replicator+
Unfortunately, in the two areas that count most -- print speed and quality -- I think this machine still falls short. I have no doubt that the Replicator+ is a better quality machine with higher reliability than its predecessors. But if you're going to charge $2,500 for a desktop printer, I believe it had better produce some of the highest-quality print jobs around, and this machine simply doesn't.
Score: 6.0
Tom's Guide:
Review MakerBot Replicator+
The Replicator+ is a serious piece of 3D printing kit. It produces good quality prints at an impressive speed, and the software that runs the printer is easy to use and can run multiple devices. That would make it a great pick for a school or college that teaches design or 3D modelling, as it could crank out 3D prints all day. The Replicator+ is a solid pick that should stand up to heavy use.
Score: 8.0


The new sixth generation printers of MakerBot are again excellent 3D printers that deserve a spot in the top of the market. The Replicator+ and the MakerBot Replicator Mini+ are faster, more silent, have a larger build surface and have many nice, but less essential features, like a camera and cloud control via an app.

The Replicator+ and the Replicator Mini+ of MakerBot are valuable devices for both professionals and hobbyists.

  • Speed • Smart printhead • Reliability • Camera
  • Price • No heated printbed • Only few filaments available
  • Specifications

    Print specifications

    Printing technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
    Layer Resolution (micron / mm)100 / 0.1


    Filament systeem (Open/closed)Closed

    Physical characteristics printer

    Number of extruders 1 (Single Extruder)

    Software/System Requirements

    Software included
    MakerBot Replicator+

    icon: MakerBot Replicator+

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