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Review Felix Pro 1; simply one of the best 3D printers on the market
3D printer review

Review Felix Pro 1; simply one of the best 3D printers on the market

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Professional 3D printing is now easier than ever, thanks to the Felix Pro1. Felix Printers designed with the Pro-series a 3D printer that combines an intuitive workflow with professional quality. With completely automatic level control, smart sensors and a detachable printbed, the Felix Pro 1 is one of the best 3D printers that is available at the moment.

The Felix Pro 1 has a number of nice new features compared to its predecessors the Felix 3.0 and Felix 3.1. For example, the Felix Pro 1 has completely automatic calibration. The intelligent nozzle positioning helps extruders to adjust their positions during printing to help prevent accidental damage to the print object.

Felix also has sensors installed to monitor the supply of filament. When necessary, the 3D printer stops printing on its own to prevent accidents. The detachable printbed provides easier access to the created object, which makes it easier to retrieve. Lastly, you can print with the completely metal hot-ends at high temperatures, which makes printing with many different materials possible.

This ensures that the Felix Pro 1 printer can produce high quality prints with different chosen materials. And with the double printhead version of the Felix Pro 1, printing with different colors is possible.

What is the expert's opinion?

Quotes from other experts:

Intelligent nozzle positioning prevents its full-metal hotends from colliding with obstacles. Fully automated calibration and sensors to detect filament depletion further enhance the maker experience and improve build precision. Added to Felix's characteristically low-noise operation, open-source, upgradable design is the stuff of many a tinkerer's dreams.
Score: 10.0


NOG VERTALEN! De Felix Pro 1 is echt een 3D-printer uit de topklasse. Deze printer heeft veel zinvolle features die zorgen dat de gebruiker schitterende 3D-prints kan maken. Met de twee printerkoppen en de intelligentie om het mondstuk weg te klappen, heeft Felix Printers echt een veelvoorkomend probleem opgelost.

Daarnaast is het printbed eenvoudig los te klikken dankzij het magnetische hechtsysteem en dit maakt objecten makkelijk verwijderbaar. De printkwaliteit met 50 micron is geweldig en de printer is ook nog eens erg stil. Felix heeft met deze Pro 1 echt een fraaie printer gemaakt.

  • Ease to use • Dual extruders • Filament detection • Removable printerbed • Silent
  • Price
  • Specifications

    Print specifications

    Printing technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
    Layer Resolution (micron / mm)50-250 / 0.05-0.25


    Filament systeem (Open/closed)Open
    Print speed (mm3/s)18

    Physical characteristics printer

    Number of extruders 2 (Dual Extruder)

    Software/System Requirements

    Software included FELIXbuilder
    FELIX Pro 1

    icon: FELIX Pro 1

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