Transparent 3D printing with SBS-Glass filament

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The developments in the world of 3D printing are moving very fast. And it is not only in the area of hardware where big progress has been made. Also if we look at the materials with which you can create prints, we constantly see interesting developments. For example, what do you think of printing with filament in transparent glass-like colors? The possibilities are endless...

Many kinds
The times where 3D printing was equivalent to the production of objects made of hard plastic are fortunately some time behind us. Nowadays you can choose from many types of materials, each with their specific applications. Do you choose thermoplastic and plastic or do you prefer resin? And what do you think of nylon, polypropylene, sandstone and even metal?

The developments are not standing still and it is difficult to predict what the manufacturers will come up with in the future!

Everything about the different filaments can be found in our special: 'What 3D filament print materials are there and what are the differences?'

SBS-Glass is a very new, transparent filament that allows you to create beautiful translucent objects that are flexible and also very tough. A major advantage: this filament is soluble with D-limonene. And it is already 90% transparent if it is printed in a layer, after a treatment with D-Limonene the print becomes almost fully transparent!

The SBS-Glass is at this moment in any case available for the 3D printer of CraftUnique, the CraftBot PLUS.

Product & Credits
For inspiration or to buy SBS-Glass filament check the images on this page created by in the Netherlands

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