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Ultimaker is popular. Meanwhile, through resellers in more than 50 countries and the rapidly growing Ultimaker community counts more than 30,000 members. This very large group helps each other in case of questions, but also creative and difficult challenges.

Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended, the latest Dual Extruder
The Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended Ultimaker makes a significant leap forward in terms of features and technology. The addition of a second printhead (Dual Extruder) is the most significant change. Not only can you directly print multiple different colors, but also two different materials. The printing of, for example, in-water-soluble support material (filament PVA) has never been easier.

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The Ultimaker 2+, reliable and efficient

Pay attention! The Ultimaker 2+ is not a completely new successor of the Ultimaker 2, but has some great innovations that simply make this product just a bit better again. With the Ultimaker 2+ your ideas, prototypes and functional models will be reality in just a few hours time. The four interchangeable print heads are the biggest difference between the 2+ and its predecessor, allowing easier switching between high quality and fast prints. Thanks to the leading free Cura-print software you can easily start printing, not only as a professional, but also as a beginner.

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You can save considerably on filaments
Many shops all offer exactly the same filaments. Why would you pay more than needed? Every day we check and update the prices and stock of many types and brands. Some examples are listed below.

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image: Ultimaker Filament PVA - for sale low as: 57.95

Ultimaker Filament PVA


$ 57.95

image: Ultimaker Filament CPE+ - for sale low as: 89.-

Ultimaker Filament CPE+


$ 89.-

image: Ultimaker Filament CPE - for sale low as: 79.-

Ultimaker Filament CPE


$ 79.-

image: Ultimaker Filament TPU 95A - for sale low as: 69.95

Ultimaker Filament TPU 95A


$ 69.95

image: Ultimaker Filament Nylon - for sale low as: 89.-

Ultimaker Filament Nylon


$ 89.-

image: Ultimaker Filament PC - for sale low as: 89.-

Ultimaker Filament PC


$ 89.-

image: Ultimaker Filament PLA - for sale low as: 69.-

Ultimaker Filament PLA


$ 69.-

image: Ultimaker Filament ABS - for sale low as: 69.-

Ultimaker Filament ABS


$ 69.-

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