Top 10 3D printers 2022! Compare the Best 3D Printers and their prices

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Look around you, 3D printing is getting more and more popular. The consultancy firm Wohlers Associates recently announced that 3D printing has had a gigantic growth rate of over 500%! That's not so strange if you have watched the developments of 3D printing having such enormous momentum. But which 3d printer should you buy as a consumer or company? We put them in front of you.

#Criteria - To help you get started we will present our selection below. The most important points we've taken in our review are target, price and performance. In addition, we looked the availability in stores and shops. Furthermore, we examined print size, resolution, layer thickness, heated print bed, number of printouts (extruders) and finally the construction quality in relation to the price. You can also compare the different specifications with us and read the available reviews. Check out our top 10 3D printers below.

Significant differences in price
Check out the different models listed below and notice how sometimes there are big price differences between stores! It's a good idea to compare the price before buying. Not only for printers, but also for filaments that you need to regularly fill in to keep printing. We are an independent service, so you can compare prices and supplies for printers and filaments for free. We update the information regularly and you get the advantage of up-to-date information.

Best 3D Printer 2022 consumers and businesses

If your consumer is more budget oriented or you want to use a 3D printer professionally, you can get better print printers, speed, precision, shutdown and a much higher print resolution for better 3D printers. The smaller the Micron number, the more detailed a 3D printer can print. The difference in the end result is really significant. The capabilities feature a higher resolution and two print heads are:

Consumer 3D Printer Entry Model 2022

Do you have a limited budget and want a good entry-level printer that you do not need to put together? Then there is one brand that checks all the boxes: XYZprinting. Their 3D printers are good quality, affordable, very easy to operate, and often use a so-called open filament system, which also allows you to use cheaper materials from third parties. The most recommended from XYZprinting is the new Da Vinci Junior 1.0 Pro.

The best allround 3D printer 2022

Do you have a midsize budget or want to upgrade your current 3D printer from an entry model? Than you will want to consider other3D printers with print quality and functionalities that are much higher. The possibilities are:

Best 3D Printer 2022 Professional Composite

As a company, you can use the printers above, but if the requirements you need are higher, for example to print in composite, we recommend Markforged Mark Two. See the link to the specifications and review below for more information.

The cheapest shops for your filaments?

Many shops all offer exactly the same filaments so why overpay? We monitor the prices and stock of many brands and brands daily for you! Some examples can be found below.
View and compare all filaments in price and stock here: Price Comparable Filaments »

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