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Ultimaker Filament TPU 95A compare prices. TPU 95A (thermoplastic polyurethane) filament is the best choice for industrial applications and a wide range of production projects that require

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Specifications Ultimaker Filament TPU 95A

3D Print materials

3D print technique Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Type 3D print material (Filament/Resin) Filament
Filament system (Open/closed) Open
Diameter filament (mm) 2.85
Material (PLA/ABS/PET) Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
Manufacturer Ultimaker
Intended for 3D printer All Ultimaker 3D Printers
Diameter tolerance (mm) 0.1
Heated printbed
Melting temperature (degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius) 428 / 220
Weight (pound/kg/liter) 1.7 lb / 0.750 kg
Color(s) White
Emit odor Slight
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TPU 95A (thermoplastic polyurethane) filament is the best choice for industrial applications and a wide range of production projects that require characteristics of rubber as well as plastic. Especially designed for a good consistency in 3D printing, TPU 95A of Ultimaker is a semi-flexible and chemically resistant material with strong layer adhesion. Additionally, it is easier and faster to print compared to other TPU filaments.

With a shore-A hardness of 95 and impressive elasticity of up to 580%, Ultimaker's TPU 95A is semi-flexible and durable. Moreover, it is perfect for printing parts that require the retention of structural and surface properties, while being subjected to all kinds of chemical agents.

Ultimaker TPU 95A is an easy and fast to print filament with a good balance between flexibility and wear and tear resistance. It also offers good resistance against industrial chemicals and oils. And thanks to the new options and standard profiles of the new CURA software of Ultimaker, even complex mechanical structures are easy to print.


  • Excellent wear and tear resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Shore-A hardness of 95
  • Up to 580% stretchable
  • Good corrosion resistance against many common industrial oils and chemicals
  • Designed for a fast and easy 3D print experience

Ultimaker's TPU 95A filament is per standard available on a spool with 1.7 lb (750 gram) thermoplastic material with a thickness of 2.85 mm. The filament is only available in the color white.

Filament system
Ultimaker uses for their 3D printers an open filament system. Because of this you can also use 3D print materials of other suppliers. Nonetheless, the filaments of Ultimaker will produce the best results.

For more information about all 3D print materials also check out: 'What 3D filament print materials are there and what are the differences?'

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