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UP3D BOX+ (Tiertime) compare prices. The UP BOX+ 3D printer is an extended version of UP BOX. Since the launch of the UP BOX, UP3D has been carefully listening to their customers’ feedback, and

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Specifications UP3D BOX+ (Tiertime)

Print specifications

Printing technology Melted Extrusion Modeling?MEM?
Maximum print size (l x b x h - inches/mm) 10 x 8 x 8 | 255 x 205 x 205
Print material ABS, ABS+, PLA, and more
Layer Resolution (micron / mm) 100
Diameter filament (print material) (mm) 1.75


Filament systeem (Open/closed) Open
Heated printbed (degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius)



Physical characteristics printer

Dimension printer (l x d x h - inches/mm) 19.04 x 20.5 x 19.5 | 485 x 520 x 495
Number of extruders 1 (Single Extruder)
Assembly type (DIY/Assembled) Assembled
Power consumption (Watt) 220
Sound (dBA) 51.7
Weight (pounds/kg ) 44 | 20
Release date November 2016

Software/System Requirements

Software included UP Studio
Supported 3D file types .STL,UP3
Print without a computer
Suitable for operating system Windows, Mac OSX, iOS (iPhone, iPad)
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The UP BOX+ 3D printer is an extended version of UP BOX. Since the launch of the UP BOX, UP3D has been carefully listening to their customers’ feedback, and made changes to meet the customers’ need. The UP BOX+ features Tiertime's latest innovations based on our understanding of 3D printing industry. Together with the newly launched UP Studio Software, UP BOX+ is offering new functionality which is unique in 3D printing market. 

The UP Box 3D printer is an attractive - and functional - follow-up to the UP Plus 2.

Improving upon the impressive Up Plus 2, the UP BOX+ is even bigger and better. A build envelope of 10x8x8in grants more room to create. Print speed is now 30% faster. Layer resolutions as fine as 100 microns yield high-quality output. The heated build platform is great for printing warp-free ABS parts. 

Basic platform leveling is now a fully automated process, ensuring that prints will be consistent and eliminating the need for human calibration. The UP Box features a fully enclosed build envelope, allowing for a more stable printing environment, and pulsing LED lights provide continuous feedback so that prints can be monitored. Combined with an air filtration system, noise is reduced and fumes are kept to a minimum, making it an ideal printer for any environment.

Advanced Features
Built-in HEPA Air Filtration, Blackout Recovery, Filament Run-out Recovery, On-board File Storage, Door Open Alert, Active heart beat mood lighting provides print status Average Noise: 51dB – as quiet as your fridge

What's in the box

  • UP BOX+ 
  • 500g spool of ABS filament (1.75mm) 
  • Tiertime power supply 220W & power cable
  • UP Flex 250 print board (2) 
  • Cell board for UP BOX+ (2) 
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1KG Filament Cover & 1KG Reel Filament Holder
  • Tool Kit: Calibration card, UP Flex Tips, USB cable, Spare Nozzle & Wrench, Gloves, Scraper, Pliers, Micro SD Card & Reader, hex wrench & spare screws.

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